How Graphs Work

The app has five built in graphs:

  1. Monkeys Wedding - shows precipitation, clouds and wind.
  2. Cricket Chirps - this is the DeltaTemp graph which shows the temperature along with cold (blue) and warm (red) changes compared to the same time on the previous day.
  3. Sun Dogs - shows pressure.
  4. Starry Night - shows humidity.
  5. Sailors Delight - shows wind and wind gusts. There is no wind gusts for the GDPS data.

You can use these graphs in app and in the widgets by long-pressing on a graph in the app or when configuring the widget, and selecting "Change Graph". You can also add or remove graphs from the app. The number of graphs in the widget depends on the size of the widget.

You can edit what is show on a graph but you need the Graph Editor which is available in the Pro Version.

Graph Editor (Pro Version)

Shop: You need to buy either the Pro Subscription or Pro Pack to get access to the Graph Editor.

The Graph Editor allows you to change what is shown on the each graph.

Note: a graph is a global element so if edit a graph that is used in, for example, a widget and in the app, they will change in both places.

There are three way to open the graph editor:

  1. Nav Drawer > Editor, then select the graph you want to edit.
  2. When viewing a place in the app, you can long-press on a graph, which will show a pop-up menu, and select "Edit".
  3. When editing a widget, you can long-press on a graph, which will show a pop-up menu, and select "Edit".

Then you can turn off or on any data and some other elements of the graph, e.g., icons, grid lines.