Flowx Business Model

Our business model is simple. We sell yearly subscriptions for Pro levels, e.g., high resolution data. You pay for a service, we provide the service.

Does Flowx contain Ads?

No. Flowx used to contain ads but I removed them. Now it's a cleaner and more elegant app. I was much more proud of Flowx after I removed ads. Surprisingly, users have requested I use ads in exchange for high resolution data - you cannot satisfy all people all of the time :-).

Does Flowx sell data to third parties?

Absolutely not. I get many requests to add libraries to Flowx to collect data. I simply say "No thanks". I try my best to respect your privacy.

Do we make money?

Yes, we do make money but, as of Jan 2020, we still don't cover our costs. We are hoping 2020 will be the year. When we make a profit we will use it to hire help so we can develop Flowx faster. I get many requests for features and a super-long-to-do-list, but limited time to complete these. Hence, help would be much appreciated.