Basic Troubleshooting Process

If you encounter an issue in the app there are a number of steps you can take to eliminate the potential causes and get a fix.

  1. Connection: check your internet connection if the issue is regarding data not loading correctly.
  2. Restart: quit out of the app, click the Overview button (square button on the bottom right side of the phone screen), swipe out Flowx to clear it from the stack, then re-open the app.
  3. Refresh: force a refresh of the app data via the Edit Place menu in top right.
  4. Clear App Data*: in your phone Android settings, go to Apps and select Flowx, then choose Clear Data from Storage.  
  5. Uninstall* and reinstall the app.

*Important Note: this will clear your Place and Graph settings in the app, hence you may wish to Export these settings beforehand, to allow Import again afterwards - see Settings help page for more detail.

If you still have an issue there may be a bug, hence please let us know via one of the following options:

  1. Send a debug log - see Debug Log help page for details,
  2. Email via the Nav Drawer/Feedback/Contact Flowx, or
  3. Send a screenshot via Edit Place/Share to: