The smart way to plan around the weather.

Unique Swipe Action

A simple swipe controls a smooth animation making it easy to understand the weather.

"Love the ability to swipe into the future. Best user interface ever!"

Gary Macintyre

Weather at a Glance

The app and widgets are designed to see a whole weeks' weather at a glance.

Including the unique DeltaTemp graph to see temperature changes between days.

"Best weather predictor out there. Excellent intuitive display which tells you everything you want to know in a quick glance."

David Thayer

Data Galore


Rain + Clouds


Wind + Arrows




Waves + Direction

Dew Point Temperature


Lifted Index

Choose from many data types to graph or display on the map.

  • 7 to 10 days of forecast data.
  • 30+ Data types.
  • NOAA's GFS and Canadian GDPS data sources.
  • Wave and swell forecasts with height, direction and period.
  • CAPE and Lifted Index storm forecasts.
  • Plus more to come in the future.

"Excellent weather app! A plethora of data...."

Robert Marcolini

Plus More

We are always improving the app to make it easy for you to consume weather predictions and plan your activities over the long term.

Multiple Layers

View wind on top of rain on top of clouds.

Map Styles

Many map styles from Stamen Maps, MapBox and Natural Earth. PRO VERSION

Travel Mode

The forecast updates where ever you go in the world.

Save Locations

With global weather data, you save any location in the world.


Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukranian.


Native Android with all its Material Design goodness along with light and dark themes.

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