Flowx is not your typical weather app.

We show weather simulation data!

If you love weather, you'll love Flowx.


NEW: Total Solar Eclipse - 8th April 2024

Plan around the weather forecast for this special event over North America.

Eclipse Path and Shadow

As the eclipse moves across North America, you can superimpose the path and shadow over the weather forecast - in particular the low, mid and high cloud forecast.

OpenZone for North American Models

This OpenZone makes all weather forecast data freely available over North America for the period leading up to the eclipse.



All Free over North America.


The Eclipse feature is available with the latest release on the Apple App Store.

Android: This eclipse feature is still in Alpha Testing on Android. Please contact the developer if you would like access to the Alpha Testing version.

Lots and lots of Data

Over 20 data sources and over 50 data types....

Global Data

GFS, GDPS and ICON weather models plus NWW3 and GDWPS waves,

RTOFS sea currents and temperature

CAMS Air Quality models.

High-Res Regional Data

North America: HRRR, NAM 12km, NAM 3km, RDPS, HRDPS, HRRR Smoke, HYSPLIT Smoke.

Europe: Arpege, Arome, Cosmo-D2, ICON EU, HIRLAM, HARMONIE.

Expedition Marine covering New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, South UK, Baleares, Carribean.

Data Types

Precipitation, Snow, Radar, Cloud, Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Pressure, Wind, Humidity, CAPE, Lifted Index.

Wave height, direction and period. Sea currents, temperature and salinity.

UV Index, PM2.5, PM10, NO2, SO2, CO, Ozone, Fire radiative power, Smoke density.

Smooth as UI/UX

A polished UX after years of refinement.

Awesome Swipe Action

Animate the weather with a simple swipe.

Big Picture

See and understand the weather from a birds-eye view for your region.

Animated Wind and Wave

Easy to track the wind and wave

Fastest Weather App in its Class

Fast downloads, fast loading and fast viewing.

Power Tools

Easy to Read Graphs

The graphs are designed so you can see the weeks weather in a glance.

You can easily see sun vs rain vs cloud.

Our unique Delta-Temperature graph allows you to easily see cold and warm fronts.

Compare Weather Simulations

You can compare multiple weather predictions, analyze the variance in forecasts, and decide on the likely outcomes.

This is not your typical weather app, but it's ridiculously useful if you're the kind of person that needs all the data. I use if for hitting weather windows when mountaineering and backcountry skiing. The newest feature that lets you compare all forecasts is fantastic. ---Kieran C.

Hurricane Tracks

These spaghetti lines are valuable for understanding the possible paths a storm or hurricane might take.

This is based on the GFS and GDPS models and the GEFS and CENS ensemble models. All together there can be up to 44 predicted tracks.

Sun and Moon

The sun and moon data is based on the SunCalc.net project.

Here we show sun and moon paths including the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, phase and angle.


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