The app has five built in graphs:

  1. Monkeys Wedding - shows precipitation (blue), clouds (grey), sun (yellow) and wind speed (green line).
  2. Cricket Chirps - this is the DeltaTemp graph which shows the temperature (blue line) along with cold (blue) and warm (red) changes compared to the same time on the previous day.
  3. Sun Dogs - shows pressure (white or black line, depending on app theme selected).
  4. Starry Night - shows humidity (blue line).
  5. Sailors Delight - shows wind speed (dark green line) and wind gusts (light green line). There is no wind gusts for the GDPS data.

The coloured icons on the top right of each graph indicate data type.  See the FAQ: what do the data icons mean? for more details

You can edit what is shown on a graph using the Graph Editor which is available in the Pro Version.  See the Graph Editor help page for more details.

Add a Graph

1. Long-press on a graph in the app and select Add graph.

2. Select a graph from the list.

Remove a Graph

1. Long-press on the graph you want to remove, then select Remove graph

Change a Graph Type

1. Long-press on the graph you want to change, then select Select graph.

2. Select a graph from the list.

Move Graph Up/Down

1. Long-press on the graph you want to move, then click Move up or Move down.

Set Range

1. Long-press on the graph you want to adjust the graph data range for, then click Set Range.

2. Select the data type, then enter the required min and max values, or delete values to allow automatic adjustment to the actual min/max of the data.

Compare Graphs

1. Long-press on the graph you wish to compare all the different forecast models for, then click Compare, or just double-tap on the graph to go to compare.

2. Swipe left-right to change the position of the date/time indicator line.

3. Swipe up-down to view other forecast model graphs if there are more than fit on one screen.

2. Double-tap on a forecast model graph to go back to main screen and date with the chosen model data, or just click the back arrow to return to the main screen.