Go to the current time

Click on the Clock icon to go to the current time (now).

Double-click on the clock icon to go to the most recent Radar data update: because Radar Reflectivity is actual measured data, not forecast, it only appears in the past, and the most recent update will be up to 10 minutes in the past.

Swipe speed

As an alternative to swiping left and right, you can swipe up and down to progress through time slower.


To share a screenshot or video, go to the top-right menu and select Share.

Choose either image or video by tapping on the relevant icon.

For video, also enter length (seconds), and auto play (number of days), or deselect to manually control video length and swiping.

Then click CaptureNote: when using manual video length, to stop the video capture, press one of the phone volume buttons.

Once the image or video has been captured:

Image: choose platform to share to.

Video: select either share, then platform to share to, or play, to view the video.

Rearrange Data Icons

To rearrange the order of the data icons at the bottom of the map, long press an icon and drag to new location in the line of icons.

Rearrange Place Menu

To rearrange the order of your places in the Navigation Menu, click on Editor (in the top left Nav menu), then Places, and rearrange by long-press and drag.

Edit Data Style

Change the data style i.e. opacity, min/max or scale colour spectrum, via long-press on the scale bar at the bottom of the map.