Add Place

There are two methods to add a place: search in the menu or panning on the map.

1. Search Method

  1. Click Add Place in the top left menu.
  2. Type the place name into the search bar and select the place from the result list.

Note: the place settings will be copied from the last place viewed

2. Map Method

  1. Use two-finger swipe to pan around the map and release to drop a new temporary 'Pin' location.
  2. To replace the previous place with the Pin location, select Set Place from the top right menu, OR
  3. To create a new place for the Pin location, select Add Place from the top left menu.

Edit Place

  1. Select Edit Place from the top right menu.
  2. Change the following settings, then click OK
    • Place name via the text box.
    • Place location via the search icon.
    • Number of days forecast and hindcast. (Note: with Pro Version get up to 16 days forecast and 3 days hindcast)
    • Travel Mode, which will automatically update your location as you travel.

Delete Place

Select Delete Place from the top right menu

Reorder Places

To rearrange the order of places in your place menu:

  1. Select Editor from the top left menu
  2. Select Places
  3. To reorder, long-press and drag, then select OK