Settings can be accessed via the top left menu (Nav Drawer)


App Theme: choose color theme for the app.

Widget Theme: choose color theme for widgets.

Widget Text Size: choose text size for widgets.

Map Style: choose map style.  Note that this is only available in Pro Version.

Animation Level: choose animation level for wind streamlines and wavefronts.  Note that higher animation levels may increase the memory, CPU and battery usage.

Fullscreen Mode: choose the option for the app to display in full-screen mode.


Units will default to metric or imperial depending on your location. Settings the units will affect everything in the app and widget, including graphs. The units are listed in the settings (see below) in the following order: time, temperature, precipitation, wind, pressure and wave height.


Allow Mobile Data: activate/deactivate data downloads while on mobile network internet.

Servers: choose server location.


Time Stepping: chose time step size when swiping through time

Use Low Resolution Data: reduces the spatial and time resolution for smaller downloads.

World View: allows additional zoom out to view the whole world, which requires more data download.

Export: allows export of settings of places or graphs, to save or share.

Import: allows import of settings of places or graphs.

Debug Logging: activate/deactivate debug logging.

Send Debug Log: allows sending of debug log to Flow email address.

Check RainViewer: radar debugging tool.